In harmony
with my nature

It is in the heart of Auvergne that we perpetuate the knowledge of past generations: original recipes that carry the best of nature within them, for the well-being and harmony of body and mind.

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Biofloral - Organic farming certification
Biofloral - European organic farming certification
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Biofloral - Charter cosmos organic
Biofloral - Certification of artisanal production

38 Bach Flowers

Our Bach Flower elixirs are made using traditional methods in our laboratory at the heart of Auvergne, strictly following the original method of Dr Bach, with a 1/240th dilution of the mother elixir.

"Balance your emotions naturally"

Biofloral - Certification of artisanal production

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Emotions and Bach flowers

Emotions are an integral part of our lives and their management gives rhythm to our daily lives. But what are emotions and why do we try to control them?
Biofloral - Traditions and remedies of the Middle Ages

Traditions and remedies of the Middle Ages

We feel a need to reconnect with nature and the simple things in life. That's why we turn to the values, traditions and methods of the past that have proven their effectiveness. But what are they?