FOB Complex Confidence ANIMALS

Animals and confidence - Brings confidence and courage to fearful, worried and anxious animals. It alleviates the symptoms of unwanted licking.
"This complex is a concentrate of flowers all targeted to develop confidence and courage in fearful, worried, anxious animals, which hide at the slightest noise, which tend to lick in an untimely manner, which have significant postures of fear. (tail between the legs, spiky hair, lowered ears, ...).
The animal overcomes its terror, gradually resumes a more relaxed behavior and gains confidence. "
  • BIO AB
  • BIO (Ecocert)
"2 to 4 drops morning and evening, directly in the mouth (or on the lips or pads) + 4 drops in the daily water ration.
For 1 to 4 weeks or whenever needed. "
"Organic Cognac *, preparation of spring water with organic Bach Flowers * according to the original method (Aspen / Populus tremula, Larch / Larix decidua, Mimulus / Mimulus guttatus, Crab Apple / Malus pumila, Walnut / Juglans regia) at 1 / 240th, nettle extract * rich in natural silica.
* Ingredients from Organic Farming. "