FOB Complex Joy and Vitality ANIMALS

Animal joy and vitality - Regenerates and brings a new zest for life in times of sadness, boredom, feelings of abandonment or barking of loneliness.
This Animal Joy and Vitality Complex is ideal for depressed animals, without enthusiasm or energy, who show their boredom by adopting for example a prostrate attitude, who express a feeling of abandonment by barking in a nagging manner. The Joy and Vitality Animals complex helps your companion to regain some ground, it more easily regulates his emotions, regenerates, gradually regains his joy of living, his enthusiasm, his natural ardor.
  • BIO AB
  • BIO (Ecocert)
"2 to 4 drops morning and evening, directly in the mouth (or on the lips or pads) + 4 drops in the daily water ration.
For 1 to 4 weeks or whenever needed. "
"Organic Cognac *, preparation of spring water with organic Bach Flowers * according to the original method (Gentian / Gentiana amarella, Heather / Calluna vulgaris, Star of Bethlehem / Ornithogalum umbellatum, Walnut / Juglans regia, Wild Rose / Rosa canina) at 1 / 240th, nettle extract * rich in natural silica.
* Ingredients from Organic Farming. "