Training sessions for professionals on natural therapies

The Inula Group has developed a wide selection of training sessions for its customers and for fans of natural therapies. Every year, more than 600 pharmacists and wellness professionals are trained in aromatherapy and gemmotherapy. Our training sessions are considered the very best in the field.

The Inula Group boasts a dynamic network of professionals who train all the retailers of its products. This network is available in France, Belgium, and Spain.

Our training sessions are constantly being modified to take into account our laboratory research and product developments.

Training - The products

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The Inula Group works hard to familiarize the public with its natural remedies. 

Online, our Pranarôm, HerbalGem, and Biofloral blogs and social channels are loaded with reliable information on essential oils, buds, and natural remedies made from certified ORGANIC plants. 

The Inula Group also meets with the press to demonstrate the healing power of its products and their positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

Training figures

On-site training

3,250 sessions (30 min) per year
6,000 participants


27 webinars per year (1 hour, live)
4,200 participants


70 conferences per year
2,200 participants


63 workshops per year (1 day or ½ day)
1,620 participants

Targeted training

14 sessions per year
320 participants

Formations ciblées

14 sessions par an
+/- 320 participants

Les Jardins d'Espaladous, a natural health and wellness center

Founded in 2012, Les Jardins d’Espaladous is a training center for Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, crystal elixirs, and natural animal care. It is also the perfect spot for unwinding and recharging your batteries.

Nestled in the southern Auvergne Mountains in a charming village of the same name, Les Jardins d'Espaladous invites you to escape the hubbub of your everyday life for a few precious days. Located on a 30-hectare estate in a peaceful and well-preserved rural setting, far away from noise, the center goes out of its way to make your training special.