In 1979, Ulrich Rampp, founder of Biofloral, cycled into Bavière and set himself up in the Haute-Loire, in the heart of the countryside and amongst the volcanic hills of Auvergne, known as the “sucs”, in a wild, yet delightful little valley. Allowing himself to be guided by the surrounding environment, an inexhaustible source of observation and inspiration, he founded the Biofloral laboratory in 1999, which is dedicated to the artisanal manufacture of natural, 100% organic plant-based remedies, including the famous Swedish Elixir, nettle-silica and even Bach Flowers.

The Biofloral Laboratory - Haute-Loire

Philosophy and sources of inspiration

For Biofloral, the symbiosis between humanity and nature is essential. While for the ancients this was their everyday reality, we have become distanced from it over time. In order to rediscover the values of our ancestors, and to immerse ourselves afresh in these values, Biofloral drew inspiration from various manuscripts written by physicians, dating from the Middle Ages to the present day, and in particular Hildegard of Bingen, Paracelsus and even the famous Doctor Edward Bach. It must be noted that these 3 doctors, recognised in their own times, all asserted that health is a beautiful alchemy between body, spirit and soul. Yet, nature provides us with everything that we need to achieve this.

The Biofloral Laboratory - Hildegarde de Bingen

Hildegard de Bingen (1098 – 1179)

A visionary nun, Hildegard of Bingen is considered the first modern phytotherapist. Her remedies have been passed down from generation to generation. She prepared plants in wine, by means of a gentle and lengthy process of maceration, with a view to extracting as many active ingredients as possible.

«  When the body and soul work in perfect harmony, they receive the supreme reward of joy and health. »

The Biofloral Laboratory - Paracelse

Paracelsus (1493 – 1541)

One of the greatest physicians of all time, and independent researcher who challenged preconceived ideas, a great visionary whose works led him to adopt a prescriptive approach, and who practised homeopathy and magnetism.

« Every illness reflects an imbalance between our body and our soul. It was therefore a matter of finding the remedy that might lead us to our true spiritual nature, the only true source of healing. »

The Biofloral Laboratory - Doctor Edward Bach

Doctor Edward Bach (1886 - 1936)

At the beginning of the 20th century, Doctor Edward Bach, a famous English homeopath, dedicated the last 10 years of his life to the study, identification and production of floral elixirs. In nature he identified the flowers that evoke a favourable response to difficult emotions. He invites us to embark on an extraordinary journey with nature, a journey of self-discovery, through 38 flowers and buds: the Bach Flowers, which would become his life’s defining work.

« As long as the soul, the body and mind are in harmony, nothing can affect us. »


Since the creation of the laboratory in 1999, we have always remained faithful to our values, which we consider to be the very essence of our vision:


A company that operates on a human scale, with strong and committed values that pass on previously forgotten wisdom.


Mysterious remedies that encourage emotional balance and restore energy levels, creating excellent harmony between the body, soul and spirit, for good health that runs right to one’s very core.


A company that is rooted in its volcanic earth, at the heart of nature. Natural ingredients with organic plants that impart the richness and the colours of the vegetation that surrounds us.


A procurement approach and a manufacturing process that are well-reasoned and respectful towards the environment, with a view to selecting raw materials that are of exceptional quality, thus allowing nature to pass on all of its benefits.
The Biofloral Laboratory - Our ecological residence


Since our early days, we have occupied the same little valley, located in the Auvergne mountains, at the heart of a strong and pure natural environment, which is bursting with energy thanks to its altitude, its granitic soil (300 million years in the making) and its volcanic earth.

In accordance with our philosophy, we have created gardens within the little valley that provides us with shelter, in harmony with nature. It is here that we practise biodynamic cultivation and have established a training centre for natural therapies. This green home, perfectly integrated into the natural environment and the landscape, also provides a venue for wellbeing and health holidays, allowing guests to benefit from a deep sense of renewal and offering the chance to reconnect with nature.