Every day we work to showcase nature, attempting to add its subtle character, its energy and all the life force that it has to offer to our products.

An ethical approach and reduced environmental impact

In line with our values, we are committed to respecting the environment and apply simple methods on a daily basis with a view to fostering an environmentally responsible attitude:

  • Composting of the plants used in the manufacturing process, using the biodynamic method, in order to re-fertilise the soil.
  • Sorting and recycling of 100% of the waste, so as to avoid further cluttering our planet.
  • Reduction of our product packaging and use of recyclable packaging materials (glass bottles, recyclable PET bottles, recyclable PEFC cardboard and the use of 100% vegetable inks).
  • Energy savings within our laboratory through the use of LED lighting and the programming of the automatic switching off of electrical devices.
  • Protecting bees; our Jardins d’Espaladous hives, managed in collaboration with a local apiarist, help to preserve the surrounding ecosystem.
Our commitments - Respect of the environment

Our approach saw us awarded the 2019 CCI Haute-Loire Local Economy Award for sustainable development.

All Biofloral products are certified organic. The company adheres to demanding specifications in terms of quality, but also in terms of ethics, since well-being has always been at the heart of the Biofloral mission.

On another note, we prioritise the selection of suppliers and partners located close to the laboratory, with a view to keeping things local, and we collaborate with an ESAT (French organisation helping disabled people back into employment).

Authentic manufacturing and Quality Control 

Located at the heart of Auvergne, since its creation our laboratory has always meticulously adhered to traditional manufacturing methods.

In order to guarantee the quality of our products, regular checks are performed and we take pride in selecting the best, 100% organic raw materials, prioritising local suppliers.

Our entire production is guaranteed free from controversial ingredients.

Authentic and artisanal manufacturing in the Haute-Loire, bringing you the best nature has to offer!

Our commitments - Traditional manufacturing methods


Our commitments - French quality label
French quality label guaranteeing a minimum of 95% ingredients from organic production, with no synthetic chemical products or GMOs, and respectful towards the environment.
Our commitments - European quality label
European quality label guaranteeing a minimum of 95% ingredients from organic production, with no synthetic chemical products or GMOs, and respectful towards the environment.
International brand certifying products from biodynamic agriculture, based in particular on respect for the laws of the living world and the rhythms of nature.
Our commitments - Certification cosmebio
Label concerning cosmetic products that contain a minimum of 95% natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin, sourced primarily from organic agriculture.
Our commitments - Certification cosmos organic
Label guaranteeing the use of a production and transformation process that is respectful towards the environment and human health, a minimum of 95% natural ingredients and a minimum of 95% organic ingredients of the total plant-based ingredients.
Our commitments - Certification ecocert
Certifying body that guarantees compliance with the European Regulation on organic production.
Our commitments - Certification artisanal manufacture
Our Bach Flower elixirs have always been traditionally made in our laboratories in Auvergne, according to the original method of Doctor Bach.