From the outset, we drew inspiration from original and natural recipes based on ancient wisdom, containing within them the best that nature has to offer. We are continuing the manufacture of these plant-based remedies, while respecting the authenticity of the natural materials, without altering them, to ensure the restoration of well-being and harmony to every user.

Organic plant-based remedies - Flowers

Bach Flowers

Branche de la phytothérapie, les Fleurs de Bach sont des élixirs floraux élaborés à partir de fleurs ou de bourgeons sauvages, suivant la méthode du célèbre docteur Edward Bach, en ayant pour principe : Une Fleur = Une émotion
Organic plant-based remedies - Great Elixirs

The Great Elixirs

Inspired by ancient methods from the Middle Ages, and in particular the traditional remedies of Saint Hildegard of Bingen, Biofloral’s Great Elixirs are a clever blend of plants in organic, sulphite-free wine, with a touch of honey, Bach Flowers and Spagyric essences, for a deep-acting effect on the body.


Essential to the proper function of our body, silicon is one of the main minerals present in the body. As the years go by, our reserves of silicon inevitably diminish, and unfortunately our sophisticated diet fails to compensate for this deficiency.

All plants contain silicon – some more than others – and this applies in particular to the nettle (Urtica Doica), which we have chosen on account of the fact that the silicon that is extracted from this plant is in the form that is most easily absorbed by the body: an organic and natural plant-based silicon.

Organic plant-based remedies - Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver has been celebrated as a versatile antiseptic since the dawn of time. We produce it using traditional methods, by means of a production process using water electrolysis, which recreates a natural phenomenon (lightning in seawater) for optimal bioavailability and effectiveness.
Organic plant-based remedies - Aromatherapy


An essential oil (EO) is the volatile essence extracted from an aromatic plant, obtained by means of the steam distillation of aromatic plant water, and by means of the “cold expression” of the peel of citrus fruit. The oil is extracted from the roots, the leaves, the stems, the bark… The manufacture of an essential oil requires several kilos of fresh plants in order to extract the hundreds of different aromatic molecules that they contain.
Organic plant-based remedies - Infusion


Depending on your needs and in keeping with the changing of the seasons, take care of yourself the natural way, with Biofloral infusions made from plants, fruits and roots, carefully selected for their targeted benefits.
Organic plant-based remedies - Lithotherapy


The term lithotherapy comes from the Greek terms “lithos: (stone) and therapeia (therapy). It refers to the art of treatment with stones.