The history of Bach

The "medicine of the soul", the original method of Doctor Bach

Doctor Edward Bach dedicated the last 10 years of his life to the study, identification and production of 38 floral elixirs. He actually recognised in nature the flowers that evoke a favourable response to difficult emotions. In his opinion, the causes of illnesses often reside in conflicts between the soul and the mind. Through flowers, he thus sought to resolve these conflicts, with a view to achieving balance, not just to relieve, but to heal. Doctor Bach thus selected 38 flowers that possess a vibrational state superior to that in other plants or flowers that people commonly use to treat the body. These flowers have now achieved great fame and bear his name: Bach Flowers.

Bach Flowers - Doctor Edward Bach

« Treat the person not the illness.
Treat the cause, not the symptoms. »

Edward Bach


Our Bach Flower elixirs are made using traditional methods in our laboratory at the heart of Auvergne, strictly following the original method of Dr Bach, with a 1/240th dilution of the mother elixir.

The flowers are harvested in their natural environment, in the morning, at sunrise, at the moment when their potential is at its maximum. Solarisation is achieved in exactly the same way as it was by Doctor Bach, at the harvesting site, within a calm and cloud-free environment. Under the effect of the sun’s rays and water, the flower releases its qualities and transmits them to the aquatic element. In order to retain all of the virtues of the flower, organic DEMETER* cognac is added to the floral maceration.

Before packing, the floral elixir is once again energised, and then finished with a 1/240th dilution of cognac, in accordance with the original method developed and described by Dr Bach, to ensure a good dynamic and energising effect, for maximum efficacy.

Biofloral floral elixirs have a deep action, on account of their subtle character, and help to harmonise the psychic balance and the energy balance, with a view to finding a new sense of emotional balance.

All of our floral elixirs are certified organic and also DEMETER-certified.

Bach Flowers - Demeter Certification

Having emerged in 1924, DEMETER certification highlights biodynamic agriculture, which is a form of organic agriculture that is simultaneously holistic, regenerative and positive. Taking into account the cycles that punctuate the life of the earth and promote diverse and autonomous businesses, this form of agriculture supports plants as they develop harmoniously, and considers the earth to be a living organism. 

The 38 Bach Flowers

To help you to avoid confusion when selecting the elixir that you need, Doctor Bach defined the emotional states, dividing them into 7 main families to which the 38 elixirs are assigned, each corresponding to a specific state of mind:

Fear and insecurity

This family comprises 5 flowers that help to target the various types of known or unknown fear, and allow you to rediscover Confidence and Serenity in your life. 

Doubt and uncertainty

This family comprises 6 flowers that treat emotions such as discouragement when faced with obstacles, the feeling of having given up or even indecision. Faced with these emotions, the Bach Flowers help you to rediscover the Strength and Desire to continue moving forwards.

Solitude and Sociability

This family targets Communication problems and helps to improve communication in your everyday life. 

Lack of interest in present circumstances

This family is made up of 7 flowers, which allow us to anchor ourselves in our lives and in the present moment, rediscovering Vitality and Joie de vivre.

Excessive preoccupation with others

This family groups together 5 flowers that help you to rediscover Acceptance and Understanding with others. 

Despondency and Despair

This family consists of 8 Bach Flowers that, in particular, allow you to reclaim Courage and Hope when faced with emotions such as the fear of failure, burnout, distress when faced with pain or sorrow, or even the feeling of injustice.

Bach Flowers - Flowers


This family groups together 7 Bach Flowers that help combat Oversensitivity by rediscovering Calm and Balance

Bach Flowers - Flowers

In order to help you choose the elixir that suits your needs, we suggest that you let yourself be guided by the colours assigned to each family, which you will find on our packaging.

Bach Flowers - Complexes and derivatives granules

Complexes and derivatives

The famous Bach Flowers complex created by Doctor Bach himself is the “rescue”, to use the term he coined himself. It is known to help you through moments of panic, stress and confusion with a greater sense of calm.

To support you through every situation you encounter in life, Biofloral has developed various complexes, following the guidance of Doctor Bach, through a subtle synergy of individual Bach Flowers (5 to 7 flowers), carefully selected to respond to identified everyday problems, whether transient or ingrained.

These synergies exist in several formats, in order to adapt to every situation and to suit all members of the family: spray, dropper, granules, pastilles or even chewy sweets for children.