In the year 400 BC, Hippocrates recommended the use of silver powder to help heal wounds, and Paracelsus also mentioned it in the 15th century, on account of its antibacterial properties.

Biofloral European Pharmacopoeia quality colloidal silver is obtained by means of ionisation, a process that consists of reproducing the hydrolysis of the silver, the phenomenon responsible for the presence of silver in seawater following electrical discharge brought about by storms. The ionised form, the result of a completely natural process and existing in nature, enables the use of lower doses with increased effectiveness, while remaining completely harmless.

What’s more, we use ultra-pure quality water, which is an essential characteristic so that the silver ions do not react with the organic compounds and/or other ions, as this would result in the formation of silver oxides or other undesirable elements. This is one of the reasons why Biofloral colloidal silver has no side effects.

Thanks to its production method, colloidal silver offers optimal bioavailability, rapid absorption and an enhanced action. In addition, on account of its excellent purity, it remains active over a long period of time, without leaving deposits. 

Colloidal Silver - Lightning on water

Colloidal silver is applied externally by means of a compress to protect the skin, or can even be gargled with to improve oral hygiene.
It can also be used for animals, on green plants and for cleaning your home.