Infusions gift set 6 infusions Flowers of Bach Organic - 60 assorted bags

Well-being giftbox - Thanks to the box of Well-being Infusions, find the best plants to take care of you!
The best of BIOFLORAL infusions gathered in an elegant box, to take care of you naturally, according to the seasons and your needs: Elimination, Relaxation, Concentration, Natural defenses, Circulation and Swedish - Digestion and Transit! To offer or to afford!
  • BIO AB
  • BIO UE
  • BIO (Ecocert)
  • Pour toute la famille
"Pour simmering water into a cup and let your sachet steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
You can drink up to 3 cups a day, as a 28-day course several times a year. "
Composed of 10 bags of BIOFLORAL Elimination infusions, 10 bags of BIOFLORAL Relaxation infusions, 10 bags of BIOFLORAL Concentration infusions, 10 bags of BIOFLORAL Natural Defenses infusions, 10 bags of BIOFLORAL Circulation infusions and 10 bags of BIOFLORAL Swedish infusions .




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