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Joints and vitality - Nettle Silica 500ml, 100% ORGANIC, offers an organic and natural silica extracted from Nettle, it is the only DEMETER certified!
Nettle Silica 500ml, 100% organic and natural, is perfectly recognizable and assimilable by the human body. 100% vegetable, derived from Nettle, silica is enriched by a manufacturing process where the Nettle solution is dynamically energized on quartz and amethyst crystals to further increase the efficiency in depth. DEMETER certified, Nettle Silica 500ml is guaranteed without synthetic or mineral silica, without paraben, without side effects, without toxicity, it is effective in maintenance treatment throughout the year. Silicon maintains joints, muscles and tendons and contributes to clear skin.
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"1/2 CAP Before meals.
2 to 3X / DAY Occasionally, as an attack treatment, per cycle of 28 days, or as a maintenance treatment, several times / year.
2 bottles = 1 cure. "
"Aqueous extract of nettles (Urtica dioica) (99.4%) **, acidifier (citric acid), essential oils *: thyme * (Thymus vulgaris), cloves * (Eugenia caryophyllus), oregano * (Origanum vulgare ), cider vinegar *, grapefruit seed extract * (Citrus paradisi).
* Ingredients from Organic Farming and ** biodynamic.
Demeter is the brand for certified Biodynamic Agriculture.
Without the addition of synthetic molecules, methyl or choline, without paraben and without chemical preservatives. Without mineral silica or silica dioxide which can cause an overload for the body. "
*Ingredients from Organic Farming and ** Biodynamic. Demeter is the brand of certified Biodynamic Agriculture.
Store away from light and heat and after opening in the refrigerator. Consume within one month of opening. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Does not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. keep out of the reach of young children.







PL_AS 2735/41

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