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How to prepare for exams?

As exams approach, certain emotions resurface. Each session has its share of stress, discouragement, sadness and despair, for many students. But how can we help them overcome all this? How can we help them as much as possible in their academic success? Find out in this article.

What solutions to prepare for exams?

To face an exam session, many criteria are important to be in the best conditions.

In general, rest and nutrition are essential. Fatigue is also a very important element to take into account. If you are tired, it will impact your ability to retain information. Your short and long term memory will no longer have the strength to store more. This explains the importance of brain rest, which is just as important as body rest.

When there is too much stress, it is difficult to find good ways to calm down. There are different ways to reduce stress. Meditation, yoga, sports, breathing exercises... all these activities can free the mind and allow you to break out of your study routine. It's never good to stay stuck doing the same things for too long.

Good exam preparation will also help you. Proofreading your notes and lessons is important. This will allow you:

  • To reread your course;
  • Check that you are not missing any part;
  • See if you have any questions to ask the professors before the exam.

Setting up a study schedule will also give you a structure to follow. You will be able to concentrate on your revisions and will only have to follow your schedule defined in advance.

Another help are Bach Flowers. As you probably know, studies carried out by Doctor Edward Bach have shown that Bach Flowers are a valuable aid for our emotional balance. Each flower corresponds to a specific situation and will have a specific action. We have selected several that can help you fight against all the bad vibes. This will help students during this very delicate time.

Which Bach Flowers to choose to prepare for exams?

Bach flower n°7 - chestnut bud

This Flower will help the student with a feeling of failure. It will allow you to find inner strength, confidence and courage. The student will regain his composure. The Chestnut Bud is ideal for students who have exams to retake. It is the Flower of Learning.

Bach flower n°35 - white chestnut

The White Chestnut Flower will help with restless sleep. It will calm your mind and your thoughts. It will therefore allow the person who takes it to get back to sleep the day before an exam by reducing the little cycle in the head. It is the Flower of incessant thoughts. Good sleep is essential to being in shape and ready for the next day's exam.

Bach flower n°20 - Mimulus

Mimulus will help students blocked by a specific fear such as fear of failure or fear of exams. It will bring courage so that students overcome their fears and fears. Mimulus is the Flower of Courage.

Bach flower n°17 ​​- Hornbeam

For students who are bored, a little lazy, or just struggling to get into the right frame of mind to study, the Hornbeam will bring back the strength and vitality of the mind. It will make you want to take action and give your all to pass your exams. The Hornbeam is the Flower of Action.

Bach flower n°19 - Larch

During an exam session or a blockade, there is always a moment when you imagine failing an exam, due to lack of time, motivation, study, etc. This creates a feeling of failure and inferiority compared to other students. The Bach Flower Larch will bring courage and serenity and will also strengthen your ability to make decisions and actions. Thanks to it, you will be more lucid and you will regain hope in the face of exams. You will be more convinced of your abilities. Larch is the Flower of self-confidence.

Whatever your problems, you can find tips and natural solutions to support you during your revisions and above all to help you on the path to success.

For all of the Bach Flowers mentioned above, the dosage to follow is as follows: 3 to 4 drops or granules, 4 times a day, for 4 weeks.


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