Traditional remedies

Our herbal elixirs are made in a traditional and authentic way in the heart of Auvergne.

Our artisanal manufacturing allows us to respect the plants by using a long maceration method (several months of maceration), allowing us to extract the maximum of the active ingredients without altering them.

Turmeric Oriental Elixir

History and maceration

This Turmeric elixir is inspired by the traditional remedies of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179). This visionary nun prepared the plants in long maceration wine in order to extract the most active ingredients. She added spices, herbs and honey to stabilize it and prevent it from turning too quickly.

Since then, numerous studies have proven that hydroalcoholic maceration makes it possible to extract a maximum of active ingredients from plants .

Traditional manufacturing

For the recipe for our Turmeric elixir, we followed ancestral manufacturing methods : long maceration and use of a traditional press. We have also brought together all the benefits of nature:

  • The active ingredients of plant extracts which act quickly on the body;
  • Honey which promotes the diffusion of the active ingredients of plants.

During the long months of maceration, our specialists watch over this precious elixir before delicately placing it in the press.
traditional to extract all the active ingredients from plants down to the last drop without altering them.

It is in the heart of Auvergne that Biofloral has perpetuated the authentic manufacturing of this Turmeric elixir since its creation in 1999.
with organic plants to bring you all the benefits of nature.

This Turmeric elixir, certified ORGANIC, contributes to the comfort of muscles and joints.

The Swedish

The origins of the Swede's elixir undoubtedly go back to Babylon and Egypt under the name of elixir of long life. History even tells that during Antiquity, theriac, a preparation which brought together 43 plants , was used as a counterpoison.

The recipe spanned the ages and was then updated by the alchemist Paracelsus in the 16th century. It was then that Jonathan Samst, a 19th century doctor, created the recipe for the Swede's elixir for the King of Sweden and his guard so that they would never be tired!

It was ultimately Maria Treben , a famous Austrian phytotherapist, saved by this herbal macerate from the Swede, who in the 1970s revealed the complete recipe for this miracle elixir to the general public thanks to her work: “Health at the pharmacy of good God” (1980), where she describes in 46 points how to treat yourself with this drink.

Certified ORGANIC , and inspired by Marie Treben's original formula, the Swede's elixir is a maceration of 59 organic plants which maintains the proper functioning of the organs and the digestive and depurative action.

The vinegar of the 4 thieves

It was in 1628 in Toulouse during the Black Death epidemic, one of the deadliest, that the legend of the vinegar of the 4 thieves was born! At that time, a group of bandits were looting houses and robbing victims without ever being contaminated themselves!

Caught in the act and questioned about the secret of their resistance, they then revealed their recipe in order to
to escape a heavy sentence: They drank and rubbed their bodies, hands and faces daily with a simple maceration of plants and spices in vinegar!

The precious recipe for Vinegar of the 4 Thieves was thus revealed to the general public and then recorded in the pharmacopoeia in 1748.

Biofloral perpetuates the famous ancestral recipe for Vinegar of the 4 Thieves: composed of cider vinegar, with purifying properties and a mixture of organic plants and spices, peppermint, rosemary,
sage, thyme, garlic, …

Crossing the ages, the vinegar of the 4 thieves still contributes today to maintaining natural defenses.

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