Bach Flowers

History of Bach

“Medicine of the soul”, original method of Doctor Bach

Edward Bach devoted the last 10 years of his life to the study, recognition and manufacturing of 38 floral elixirs. In fact, he recognized flowers in nature that respond favorably to difficult emotions. For him, the causes of our unhappiness often lie in the conflicts between the soul and the mind . Through flowers he therefore seeks to harmonize these conflicts in order to find a better balance, not to relieve but to heal. Edward Bach thus selected 38 flowers which have a higher vibrational state than other plants or flowers that man usually uses to balance his body. These flowers are now famous and bear his name: Bach flowers .


Our Bach Flower elixirs are produced in an artisanal manner in our laboratory in the heart of Auvergne, rigorously respecting the original method of Dr Bach with a 1/240th dilution of the mother elixir. The flowers are picked from their natural environment in the morning at sunrise when their potential is at its peak.

Solarization is carried out at the picking location in a serene, cloud-free environment. Under the action of the sun's rays and water, the flower releases its qualities and transmits them to the aquatic element.

To preserve all the virtues of the flower, the floral maceration is added with DEMETER Bio cognac.

Before each packaging, the floral elixir is again energized then supplemented with cognac in a 1/240th dilution according to respect for the original method developed and described by Dr Bach to ensure good dynamic and energetic action for maximum effectiveness.

Biofloral's floral elixirs act in depth through their subtle character and help to harmonize the psychic and energetic balance in order to find a new emotional balance.

All our flower essences are ORGANIC and DEMETER certified.

The 38 Bach Flowers

To help you easily select the elixir you need, Edward Bach defined emotional states into 7 large families in which the 38 elixirs are grouped, each corresponding to a specific state of mind:


This family brings together 5 flowers which help target different types of known or unknown fears and allow you to find serenity in life.


This family brings together 8 Bach flowers which allow us to find Hope in the face of emotions such as fear of failure, overwork, distress in the face of pain, grief, or even the feeling of injustice.


This family, which brings together 3 flowers, targets Communication problems.

Lack of interest

This family is available in 7 flowers to allow us to anchor ourselves in our life and in the present moment by rediscovering the Joy of living .

Excessive concern

This family brings together 5 flowers which help to regain Acceptance and Understanding with others.


This family brings together 4 Bach flowers which help to deal with Hypersensitivity by regaining Balance .


This family brings together 6 flowers which treat emotions such as discouragement in the face of obstacles, the feeling of having given up or even indecision. Faced with this, Bach flowers help to find the Will in order to continue moving forward.

To make it easier for you to choose the Elixir that suits you, we suggest you let yourself be guided by the colors of each family, which you will find on our packaging.

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Complexes and derivatives

The famous Bach flower complex created by Doctor Bach himself is Relief. It is known to help manage moments of panic, stress and confusion more calmly.

To support you in all situations of your life, Biofloral has developed complexes following the advice of Edward Bach, from a subtle synergy of single Bach Flowers (5 to 7 flowers) carefully selected to respond to specific problems. targeted daily activities whether transient or anchored.

These synergies exist in several formats to adapt to all situations and all members of the family: spray, droppers, granules, lozenges or even gums for children.

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