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Succeed in accepting yourself

Réussir à s'accepter

The path to self-acceptance can be difficult, strewn with pitfalls, especially in a society where “beautiful” is often highlighted and even more so with social networks. We can easily get lost, feel helpless in the face of all this talk about personal development and self-love. This is a lifelong journey so be kind to yourself. And if you need a boost, consider Bach Flowers.

Accepting yourself is essential to feeling good in your body and in your mind. But how do we come to accept ourselves, let go of our faults and feel in harmony mentally and emotionally? This is what we will see in the rest of this article.

What is self-acceptance?

Self-acceptance is a state of peace, it is when the person truly feels at peace with themselves. Recognizing your value, accepting your qualities as well as your faults, your dark and light sides, seeking progress will allow you to release all your potential. Self-confidence is also part of the process of self-acceptance. The most important thing is to get to know yourself. By knowing yourself, you will be able to understand yourself and therefore be more tolerant, more forgiving towards yourself. Avoid judging yourself and start appreciating yourself as you are, give yourself love.

How to succeed in accepting yourself?

Knowing what self-acceptance is is very good, but you still have to get there! Any change begins as soon as you decide, it is up to you alone to make the necessary efforts to make it happen. No transformation is possible without starting by deeply and sincerely making peace with who we are.

We have listed several tips to help you with your self-acceptance. Check them out below:

Avoid comparing yourself

Constant comparison is poison for self-acceptance. Indeed, we tend to idealize the lives of others. We cannot know what happens when the door is closed, we can only see one side. Each person has their share of difficulties and trials. The most important thing to remember is that we are all unique, each person is present on earth for a very particular reason so be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

To write

It is sometimes difficult to realize everything we have accomplished, our qualities but also our faults. To help you, you can start by listing the things you are good at, the different accomplishments and successes in your life. Then, do not hesitate to also identify your faults, your failures to move forward better. Finally, let go of what you can't change and embrace that whole person with those successes and failures.

Surround yourself with the right people

Whether it be at the level of people, objects or even yourself. And yes, sometimes we are our own worst enemy! It is essential to surround yourself with good vibes, avoid as much as possible people who drag you down, denigrate you without any valid reason, do activities that make you feel good and treat yourself with kindness. And if you find yourself doubting yourself, like everyone else, say positive things. There are lots of little phrases: "I am whole as I am", "I believe in myself and my power", "I appreciate all the lessons that life has taught me", "I am capable of achieving anything what I want ". You can write them down somewhere and say them out loud. Do not hesitate to do this in front of a mirror to reinforce the affirmation.

Listen to your inner self

Accepting yourself requires listening to yourself. Indeed, you have to become aware of your inner world. But how ? Well, it’s very simple: observe yourself! Observe your reactions, your fears, your beliefs but also your different emotions depending on the situation. The more you observe yourself, the better you will know yourself. Silence your inner judge: kindness, gratitude, self-deprecation, positivism are the key words. By doing this, you will find it easier to set boundaries, know what you want, respect your inner self and acceptance will follow.

Love yourself unconditionally

Self-acceptance comes through unconditional love for yourself. As we explained previously, it is essential to recognize your faults and mistakes, no one is perfect, don't forget that! We are human beings, so it is okay to make mistakes and fail. In addition, it is even more important to love yourself in all your entirety in order to better accept criticism. By accepting criticism, you can improve and turn it into something constructive. The exterior appearance is just as important as the interior appearance and they are linked. Indeed, if you feel bad about yourself, you will tend to hide, withdraw, for example by dressing very darkly. By accepting yourself, you release your complexes.

Using Bach Flowers

Discovered in the 1930s by an English homeopath, Doctor Bach, these flowers have a higher vibrational state than other plants to respond favorably to difficult emotions.

Using Bach Flowers

Bach Flower Crab Apple helps when you are prey to a feeling of impurity, bodily and/or spiritual, sometimes deep. You have a bad image of yourself. Crab Apple allows you to understand the origin of your excessive disgust in order to stop feeling guilty and helps you regain your self-esteem.

The importance of accepting yourself

We constantly hear that we must accept ourselves, love ourselves, but why exactly? Quite simply because life will reward you! By accepting yourself, you will be more indulgent with yourself, you will set limits, you will dare and you will go beyond all your fears and limiting beliefs. By being positive, by giving yourself love, you will receive it in return by attracting the right people but also projects, meetings, etc.


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