Silica comes from silicon, a mineral that is present in the Earth’s crust, and the second most abundant element in the environment (almost 30%) after oxygen. It is naturally present in soils, rocks, sand…at this point we’re talking about mineral silicon.

Nettle-Silica - Nettle

In order that it can be absorbed by the human body, it must be transformed. With this goal in mind, plants make the best natural laboratories. Through its roots, the plant will absorb the silicon contained in the soil and transform it so that it can participate in its own development, becoming fortified and strengthened.

Transformed by the plant, the silicon passes from mineral state to plant state. The silicon has thus become an organic silica, perfectly absorbable by the human body that will consume the plant.

Silica is an element that is vital to our well-being! Naturally present in our body, silica is involved in the formation of collagen and elastin, which provide resistance and flexibility to the various connective tissues in the human body (joints, skin, hair, muscles, tendons…). Given the excessive and repeated strain they face, our joints, muscles and skin regenerate less effectively. Over the years they can lose their mobility and elasticity. For all of these reasons, it is important to ensure that our silicon intake is sufficient.

Effective as a regular treatment throughout the year, nettle-silica is the natural solution with which to sustainably preserve your vitality!

All plants contain silicon, some more than others: nettle, horsetail and bamboo are the most well-known for their high silicon content. Biofloral elected to extract the silicon contained in the nettle (urtica doica), as this takes the form most readily absorbable by the body, without irritating the (renal and urinary) emunctories.

In our laboratory, the silicon contained in the nettle is extracted from the above-ground part of the plant, using artisanal methods, according to a completely natural process. During the process, Biofloral enriches its nettle-silica, by means of dynamisation with cascading volcanic spring water on crystals, whereby the diatoms (microorganisms and microalgae present on the surface of the crystals) potentiate the effectiveness and the energising effect of the nettle solution.

Biofloral nettle-silica is 100% organic and natural, and can thus be perfectly absorbed by the body. It helps maintain supple joints, muscles and tendons, and contributes to healthy-looking skin. The nettle-silica is organic and Demeter*-certified, is guaranteed free of synthetic or mineral silicon, parabens and side effects, and is non-toxic.

*The nettles are cultivated using biodynamic measures, according to DEMETER specifications. This method of cultivation, which is even more demanding than that of organic agriculture, is based on the respect for natural cycles, cosmic and seasonal rhythms, crop rotation, natural fertilisation and the interaction between human beings, animals and plants, for sustainable agriculture that places the living being at the centre of the process.