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Supporting my child with Bach Flowers

Accompagner mon enfant avec les Fleurs de Bach

Bach Flowers are real allies in your daily life and do you want to use them for your children? It's possible ! Indeed, the well-being of our children is essential and their overflow of emotions can sometimes be difficult to manage. This is why we have found solutions specially designed and adapted for them. Discover them in our article.

Growing up well with your emotions

It is well known that emotions are more intense in children. Their emotional mechanism is different from that of adults, they will scream, cry, jump and will not hold back any emotion. Well, so much the better! Indeed, emotion creates tension that must be released to regain emotional balance. However, it will be important to support him so that emotion does not take over.

Two things are important for this:

  • Evacuate tension : this action will help release stress hormones
  • Express then gradually verbalize : talking about your feelings is essential.

If your child does not yet know how to speak, you can for example use sign language, cards or even a wheel representing different emotions so that the child can show what he feels. Indeed, as parents, we are sometimes lost when faced with our child's reaction. Teaching them to identify their emotions helps give us a more precise indication. There are several Instagram accounts for this such as the littlebunbao account, which has even created an application.

The most important thing is that your child can express his emotions without them taking over or blocking him in certain situations.

Bach Flowers for children

Discovered in the 1930s by an English homeopath, Doctor Bach, these flowers have a higher vibrational state than other plants to respond favorably to difficult emotions.

We have selected several Bach Flowers which will be perfectly suited to the situations encountered by children: lack of confidence, fear, etc. They will be able to soothe fleeting emotions but also persistent emotions. To choose the most suitable Bach Flowers, analyze your child's state of mind, his emotions, his feelings. You can also talk with him to understand him better. Several tools exist such as the wheel of emotions, sign language, books, etc.

Sociability - communication: Bach Flower n°18 - Impatiens / Impatience

The flower of impatience will temper reactions and whims. Indeed, it will help to better manage the lack of patience and irritated reactions to cope with constraints.

Courage - hope: The Bach Flower no. 19 – Larch / Larch

The Larch flower helps to strengthen self-confidence in cases of feelings of inferiority or in cases of fear and helps in decision-making. It promotes serenity in the event of fear of failure to get things done.

Confidence - serenity: Bach Flowers n°20 – Mimulus / Mimule and n°26 – Rock rose / Hélianthème

Mimulus is associated with the feeling of fear. Indeed, it will be useful to overcome specific and blocking fears such as the fear of the dark, of flying or even the fear of abandonment.

The helianthemum flower soothes acute fears and panics, especially during nightmares.

Strength - will: Bach Flower No. 28 – Scleranthus / Scleranthe

This flower will bring clarity and determination in decisions and an ability to adapt to changes.

Balance - calm: Bach Flower No. 33 – Walnut / Walnut

It is the flower of protection against external influences, to overcome doubts and move forward.

Vitality - joy of living: Bach Flower No. 35 – White Chestnut

It calms the flow of thoughts, for a peaceful mind and a return to concentration. This flower will also be effective in cases of insomnia.

Biofloral solutions adapted to children

Doctor Bach's original method is based on alcohol and mother elixir of Bach Flowers. We have therefore developed 2 alcohol-free dosage forms suitable for children for easy intake and precise dosing: granules and gums.

The granules

The granules are sugar beads impregnated with Bach Flowers. Their use is very simple: melt directly in a bottle, a glass of water or under the tongue. If you use homeopathy, the principle is the same. In addition, these granules can also be recommended to anyone who does not wish to ingest alcohol.

Dosage: 3 to 4 granules 4 times a day for 1 to 4 weeks.

If necessary, repeat the intake every quarter of an hour.

The erasers

The gums are made up of several ingredients: acacia sap, agave syrup and Bach Flowers, of course! 1 gum corresponds to 4 drops. This fun format with its natural aroma of strawberry, vanilla or orange will satisfy all restless, fearful and worried children or those who have difficulty falling asleep.

Dosage: 1 gum 4 times a day or, in case of crisis, every 15 minutes.

To be used from 3 years old.

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Children's gums with Bach Flowers - Relief - Organic

45 gr - Organic

For children who are faced with a difficult situation, to release emotions negative and find calm interior and serenity.

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Children's gums Little whirlwind - Bio

45 gr - Organic

Dedicated to small assets and their boundless energy.

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Children's gums Sweet dreams - Bio

45 gr - Organic

Sweet dreams erasers will integrate your bedtime ritual to find sweet and peaceful nights.

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Children's gums Gardian angel - Bio

45 gr - Organic

Help children who are going through a psychologically difficult period and help them enjoy life to the fullest again with all the cheerfulness and carefreeness of their age.

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Flowers of Bach 20 Mimulus - Mimule - Bio

20 ml - Organic

Contributes to overcoming his fears, to the return of courage.

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Flowers of Bach 18 Impatiens - Impatience - Bio

20 ml - Organic

Strengthens tolerance, indulgence and understanding towards others.

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Flowers of Bach 19 Larch - Mélèze - Bio

20 ml - Organic

Brings courage, serenity, intuition, and helps decision-making and action.

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Flowers of Bach 28 Scleranthus - Scléranthe - Bio

20 ml - Organic

Strengthens adaptability and decision-making.

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Flowers of Bach 26 Rock rose - Hélianthème - Bio

20 ml - Organic

Gives strength, courage, composure and appeasement.

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Flowers of Bach 33 Walnut - Noyer - Bio

20 ml - Organic

Allows you to overcome states of doubt and hesitation, helps to move forward.

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Flowers of Bach 35 White chestnut - Marronnier blanc - Bio

20 ml - Organic

Allows you to regain concentration, clarity of mind and to have constructive thoughts.

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