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Des solutions naturelles pour accompagner l'allaitement

Natural solutions to support breastfeeding

Several plants are beneficial for promoting breastfeeding and particularly lactation. Discover the benefits of 4 plants, as well as Bach Flowers that can accompany you during this period of breast...

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Accompagner mon enfant avec les Fleurs de Bach

Supporting my child with Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers are real allies in your daily life and do you want to use them for your children? It's possible ! Indeed, the well-being of our children is essential and their overflow of emotions can...

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Traverser une rupture avec les Fleurs de Bach

Getting through a breakup with Bach Flowers

Regardless of its nature, a breakup is always a difficult time to go through. However, it can be synonymous with a new beginning and accepting lessons learned.

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Comment gérer ses émotions ?

Aider son enfant à mieux vivre ses émotions avec les Fleurs de Bach.

Avez-vous déjà entendu parler de l'hypersensibilité ?

Have you ever heard of hypersensitivity?

The term hypersensitive is used to describe a person who has greater than average sensitivity. This can be recognized, for example, by more intense reactions to sensory stimuli (e.g. music, light, ...

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Comment adopter la Zen attitude ?

How to adopt the Zen attitude?

We can all feel stress, caused by our daily lives or certain events impacting our lives. Discover what a Zen attitude is and how to adopt it on a daily basis through the practice of mindfulness, me...

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