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Getting through a breakup with Bach Flowers

Traverser une rupture avec les Fleurs de Bach

Regardless of its nature, a breakup is always a difficult time to go through. However, it can be synonymous with a new beginning and accepting lessons learned. But to get to this stage, time to adapt is essential. To help you, we have selected different Bach Flowers according to your emotions. Discover them in this article.

The different types of breakups

Several types of breakups exist and each reaction will be different. It is therefore essential to differentiate between them in order to choose the Bach Flower best suited to the situation.

  • Romantic breakup: it occurs when two people in an intimate relationship separate and break this bond.
  • Family breakdown: it disrupts the structure and balance of families. This can result in abandonment, the death of a family member or even divorce.
  • Friendly breakup: it is similar to family breakup except that it appears in a circle of friends or acquaintances.
  • Professional breakdown: it appears when an agreement between two professional parties is broken, such as a commercial contract or an employment contract.
  • Menopause: Menopause is a form of breakup. This is the cessation of ovulation and the disappearance of periods. The woman must therefore accept that she can no longer conceive a child.

Breakups can be experienced as trauma. These situations cause a loss of reference points and objectivity which can strongly affect your emotions. As with mourning, the breakup follows different stages. All mourning, breakup, renunciation goes through these stages and are more or less long depending on our personality and our experiences. Here are these different steps:

  • Shock ;
  • Denial ;
  • Anger ;
  • The fear ;
  • Sadness ;
  • Acceptance;
  • Forgiveness ;
  • The quest for renewal;
  • Serenity.

All these steps are part of the journey to recovering from a breakup or menopause because it can be experienced as such.

How to overcome a breakup ?

There is no single solution to getting over any breakup. Bach Flowers will therefore be our allies in the face of our reactions, our emotions. They are a good way to soothe or balance all the emotions felt during the different stages of the breakup. Each Bach Flower has its own properties which will tend to act according to each of us. Here are the different Bach Flowers that can support you during each stage of the breakup.

The shock: Bach Flower n°29 - Star of Bethlehem

Bach Flower Star of Bethlehem brings comfort, courage and hope after an emotional or physical shock, a state of stress in the face of grief or bad news. It is the consoling remedy and the softener of worries and sorrows.

Denial: Bach Flower No. 38 - Willow

Bach Flower Willow brings relaxation, joy of life and positive attitude. A person who tends to blame everything that happens to them on others might need this flower. The Willow will allow him to rediscover a joy of living which will allow him to open up and accept situations without letting himself be defeated.

Anger: Bach Flower No. 6 - Cherry plum

Bach Flower Cherry Plum brings appeasement, peace of mind and self-control. It is suitable for people who fear committing an unreasonable act caused by anger or saying words that they would later regret.

Fear: Bach Flower No. 2 - Aspen

Bach Flower Aspen brings confidence and serenity in the face of the unknown. We can benefit from its resources without fear because its elixir places us in a state of unshakeable inner confidence which allows us to overcome our fears.

Sadness: Bach Flower No. 33 - Walnut

Bach Flower Walnut allows you to overcome states of doubt and hesitation and helps you move forward. When we are sad, there can still be ties, brakes that pull us back. This could be words heard in the past, the judgment of a loved one, a previous failure, etc. This is all normal and hesitation can be a healthy process. Bach Flower Walnut will help break these bonds and continue moving forward.

Acceptance: Bach Flower No. 16 - Honeysuckle

Bach Flower Honeysuckle helps if you tend to take refuge in the past, if you have difficulty letting painful memories go. Honeysuckle allows us to live better in the present, transforms the negative aspects of nostalgia into encouragement to better understand the future.

Forgiveness: Bach Flower No. 23 - Olive

Bach Flower Olive restores your resources and energy and brings you peace. Once you find your peace, you will find it easier to forgive. Olive helps you find and follow a rhythm after a breakup.

Renewal: Bach Flower No. 13 - Gorse

The Bach Gorse Flower restores hope, strength and will, in the face of difficulties encountered. For a resigned person who has lost hope, the Gorse will boost the will to move forward.

Serenity: Bach Flower No. 35 - White chestnut

Bach Flower White chestnut allows you to regain concentration, clarity of mind and to have constructive thoughts. White chestnut will come to chase away all the ruminations and bad memories so that you can have as clear ideas as possible.

Getting over a breakup takes time. So be kind to yourself. The most important thing is to take care of yourself.


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35 - White chesnut - White chestnut - Organic

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Allows you to regain clarity of mind and have constructive thoughts.

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13 - Gorse - Gorse - Organic

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Restores hope, strength and will, in the face of difficulties encountered.

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23 - Olive - Olivier - Organic

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Restores your resources and energy and brings you peace.

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16 - Honeysuckle - Honeysuckle - Organic

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Helps you live better in the present and fight against nostalgia.

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33 - Walnut - Walnut - Organic

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Allows you to overcome states of doubt and hesitation, helps you move forward.

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02 - Aspen - Aspen - Organic

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Brings confidence and serenity in the face of the unknown.

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Brings appeasement, peace of mind and self-control.

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Brings relaxation, joy of life and positive attitude.

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Brings courage and hope after an emotional or physical shock, a state of stress in the face of grief, bad news...

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