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How to find joy in the face of seasonal depression?

Do you feel tired or even exhausted with a loss of morale? You could be experiencing winter blues, winter blues or even seasonal depression. Rest assured, this only lasts a short time and natural solutions exist! Discover them in this article.

What is seasonal depression?

Seasonal depression is similar to classic depression. In fact, people experience the same symptoms: loss of morale, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. Unlike depression, seasonal depression begins in the fall and lasts until spring. It only occurs at certain times of the year when there is less light. It is therefore linked to brightness and natural light.

This seasonal depression affects one in five people. So you don't have to feel alone!

To give you an idea, the brightness in winter is 2000 lux (unit of measurement of brightness) while in summer, it sometimes reaches 100,000 lux. No wonder the body feels a lack. We know how essential vitamin D is for good health.

Where does seasonal depression come from?

As we mentioned previously, the causes of seasonal depression are the lack of brightness and natural light. In fact, from autumn onwards, the days become shorter and this becomes even more pronounced in winter. People sensitive to melatonin are more affected by this seasonal depression.

Our body needs light because it plays an important role in regulating the internal biological clock. Indeed, several body functions are controlled by it: wake and sleep cycles, secretion of various hormones. Hormonal imbalances can therefore lead to symptoms linked to depression.

How to find joy again?

Several natural solutions exist to rediscover the joy of living and alleviate this seasonal depression. However, it is essential to consult a specialist if it impacts your daily life and if the symptoms last more than two weeks.

Light therapy

This therapy consists of exposing your skin to light that is similar to that of the sun. Sessions last between 30 minutes and 1 hour in specialized centers. You can also get your own lamp to practice the sessions at home. Preferably, the sessions will take place in the morning. Light therapy is also recommended for skin problems such as psoriasis.

Get moving and eat healthy

Walking, playing sports, continuing to eat healthily are some of the solutions that can help you get better. If, for example, you go during your lunch break, go out for a little walk to try to catch the daylight.

For food, try to consume as many vitamin D-rich products as possible, including eggs, fatty fish (salmon, trout), etc.

Do therapy

It should not be neglected, seasonal depression is depression. If you don't feel well or it doesn't seem trivial to you, it's important to be able to talk to someone about it. The psychologist or psychotherapist can help you find solutions. Don't wait until the last minute to consult, it can really have beneficial effects!

Balancing your emotions with Bach Flowers

Several natural solutions exist to soothe anger, including Bach Flowers. Discovered in the 1930s by an English homeopath, Doctor Bach, these flowers have a higher vibrational state than other plants to respond favorably to difficult emotions.

Bach Flower No. 10 - Mustard/Mustard

Its 4 bright yellow petals appear from May to September.

This Bach Flower is said to bring joy and inner peace to people who are melancholy or sad without really knowing why.

With this flower, we find the sun behind the clouds, we become positive again and we know that after the rain always comes good weather. We regain confidence and let ourselves be carried away by life without getting stuck in melancholy.


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