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Natural solutions for painful periods

Solutions naturelles contre les règles douloureuses

Cramps, bloating, headaches, irritability, etc. Every month, they resurface: periods. Unfortunately, we cannot escape it. For some, it can even become unbearable and disabling in daily life. To deal with it, there are several natural solutions to relieve you and help you get through this period more easily. Discover our advice in this article.

What natural solutions for painful periods?

The first instinct during painful periods is to take a painkiller. But before resorting to medication, there are several natural solutions to soothe your physical and emotional pain. Discover them below.

No. 1: plants

Several plants prove effective against painful periods.

First of all, the raspberry bush. It helps to harmonize and relieve hormonal balance by stimulating the secretion of estrogens and progesterones. It soothes cramps and helps regulate flow. Raspberry is recommended in cases of dysmenorrhea. It is therefore ideal for the inconveniences linked to premenstrual syndromes but also during the menstrual cycle. You can consume it in the form of infusions but also as bud macerates.

Then, medicinal sage. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action, it is known to relieve period-related pain. It is also a hormonal stimulant, it helps to regulate menstrual cycles. It also promotes the regularity of menstrual cycles. You can consume it in the form of herbal teas: 1 teaspoon of sage leaves to infuse for around ten minutes in hot water. The infusion should be consumed 3 times a day during menstruation.

Finally, yarrow. This plant has relaxing, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective in soothing stomach aches and cramps. You can also consume it in the form of herbal teas but in this case, it is the flowers that must be used. Consume 3 times a day before the start and during the first days of periods.

No. 2: Essential Oils

Just as plants are effective, so are essential oils. Logical since these are obtained by steam distillation of aromatic plants. You can use them by diluting them with vegetable oil. For example, evening primrose vegetable oil will be ideal given that it is recognized for its estrogen-like action and will therefore soothe difficult or irregular periods.

Pain? Nervousness? Headache ? Discover our selection to overcome these symptoms.

Fennel Essential Oil addresses all the inconveniences of the hormonal cycle: painful periods, late periods, heavy periods. It also helps calm pain, spasms and cramps.

Ginger Essential Oil will relieve constipation, painful periods, a swollen and sensitive stomach. It is also effective against nausea.

Lavender Essential Oil is known for its calming and pain-relieving action. It is very effective against cramps. If you are nervous during your period, it will also help you relax.

Peppermint essential oil is useful in cases of fatigue, it can provide a real boost. Headaches can sometimes appear during your period, this essential oil will provide instant relief. Apply 1 drop to the temples and nape of the neck.

You can use them as a massage on the lower abdomen. Simply dilute 1 drop of one of these essential oils in 4 drops of vegetable oil and massage clockwise.

No. 3: heat

For generations, women have supported and given each other advice. Who has never heard of the following tip?

A good old hot water bottle and nothing could be simpler! The simplest things are often the most effective and what's more, this solution is economical. To do this, place your hot water bottle directly on your lower stomach. The heat will dilate the blood vessels and therefore relax the muscles of the uterus to reduce the pain associated with cramps. You have two types of hot water bottles: traditional hot water bottles where you just need to put hot water inside, it keeps the heat longer. Or dry natural hot water bottles made from cherry stones for example. They reheat in the microwave in a few minutes but retain heat for less time.

No. 4: diet

Hippocrates said: “Let food be your first medicine”. During periods, we tend to turn to very sweet, comforting foods, but that's not the solution! Indeed, certain foods promote cramps, stress and bloating. Food therefore plays a vital role for our body and even more so during periods. Certain foods should be favored, others should be avoided. Check them out below.

Let's start with the foods to favor: products rich in minerals (fish, seaweed, nuts, etc.), fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dried fruits. Beyond diet, it is essential to drink plenty of water in order to limit cramps. And if you're craving something sweet, turn to dark chocolate (not milk chocolate or white chocolate) because it can ease menstrual pain. Good news, right?

Concerning the foods to avoid, it will be a question of not consuming “pro-inflammatory” foods, that is to say foods which contain saturated fats, refined sugars, sodium or cow's milk. Certain drinks should also be avoided: sodas, alcohol, coffee and tea. Alcohol is not a good idea either as well as salt because they are diuretics and eliminate a lot of the minerals.

No. 5: sport

During our periods, we often feel tired, without energy and this is the case for many women, we want to stay deep in bed in our duvet. It's comforting, but turn to sport instead! Indeed, sport is a real ally during menstruation and this has been proven by numerous studies. It helps alleviate cramps, reduce stress and lack of energy. However, it is better to favor certain sports so as not to harm your body.

But which sports? Well, yoga, fitness, pilates, dancing, swimming or even running. So you have the choice! Choose a sport that you enjoy so that it does not become a chore but a moment just for you, for your body. So, grab your best pair of sneakers and get going!

No. 6: Bach Flowers

Discovered in the 1930s by an English homeopath, Doctor Bach, Bach Flowers have a higher vibrational state than other plants to respond favorably to difficult emotions.

Bach Flowers are also real allies during the period. Indeed, our emotions are often turned upside down during this period, sometimes more intense and we have difficulty understanding them and experiencing them. For this, we have selected several Bach Flowers to help you.

Premenstrual syndrome

Some women may experience physical and emotional symptoms 2 to 7 days before their period. This is called PMS, premenstrual syndrome. During this period, we may feel tired, have tender breasts, bloating and irritability. To help you, nothing like Bach Flower Mustard.

Bach Flower No. 21 - Mustard

It will help you if you tend to be overwhelmed by attacks of sudden melancholy, sadness for no apparent reason. You feel defeated and isolated. Mustard helps you find joy and serenity as well as stabilizing your mood.

Appearance of periods

When menstruation appears, two Flowers are recommended: Crab Apple and Walnut.

Bach flower n°10 - Crab Apple

When menstruation appears, some women feel a feeling of bodily impurity and have a poor self-image. We can sometimes feel dirty, bad about ourselves. However, the rules are far from being, our body evacuates what it no longer needs. This Bach Flower will help you understand yourself better and be more forgiving towards yourself. But also to accept ourselves as we are, including during periods.

Bach flower n°33 - Walnut

During this period, we can sometimes go through states of doubt, hesitation, our emotions are upset and we are sometimes lost. The Walnut will help us overcome this state and move forward. It will also help in cases of hypersensitivity to disturbing situations, therefore ideal in the event of the start of periods.

Painful periods

In case of painful periods, the Star of Bethlehem will be your most precious ally as well as the Elm.

Bach flower n°29 - Star of Bethlehem

This Bach Flower is specific to emotional and/or physical shock. Periods can be painful and cause cramps, bloating, nausea, and some women are sometimes forced to stay at home. So we can say that periods can be a physical shock. The Star of Bethlehem will bring you reassurance, consolation, peace and peace of mind.

Bach flower n°11 - Elm

When we have painful periods, we sometimes feel discouraged, tired or even exhausted. We are overwhelmed and we lose confidence in ourselves. Bach Flower Elm helps you regain strength, confidence and perseverance.

Heavy periods

Periods can sometimes be heavy, it all depends on each woman. On a daily basis, this can prove to be disabling, you must be organized in order to provide protection for the whole day. In this specific case, Walnut can help you.

Bach Flower No. 33 - Walnut

Walnut is effective for the start of periods but not only that! It helps in cases of hypersensitivity to disturbing situations and adaptation difficulties. It's not always easy to adapt to heavy periods, it can be difficult to manage.

Every woman is unique, we all experience our periods differently but it still remains a sometimes complicated period. Don't give up, there may be a natural solution somewhere that will help and calm you down. And especially if periods are too painful, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.


  • Paul Ferris (2001). The guide to Dr Bach flowers.

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