Sommeil & détente Fleurs de Bach

Getting back to sleep with Bach Flowers

Retrouver le sommeil grâce aux Fleurs de Bach

Sleep represents a third of our lives. It is therefore essential to have restful sleep to face everyday life and to feel at your best! Difficulty falling asleep, insomnia or even tiredness when waking up? Discover in this article the Bach Flowers that can help you get back to sleep.

First of all, you need to try to spot the sleep train. But what is it ? When you feel signs of fatigue: drowsiness, yawning, etc., it's time to take the train and go to sleep! The more you listen to your body, the better.

The importance of sleeping well

A 7 hour night would be ideal for an adult. Indeed, below 6 hours of sleep, you expose yourself to a higher risk of pathologies. Less than 5 hours of sleep per night on a regular basis is associated with higher mortality. Less than 7 hours of sleep for three consecutive nights has the same effect on the body as missing a full night of sleep. During our sleep, the body rests, but not only that!

Here's why it's important to sleep well:

  • Recover your physical abilities;
  • Regenerate your brain;
  • Reduce anxiety;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Promote memory and consolidate knowledge.

Natural solutions for sleeping well

Use plants and Essential Oils

Plants and essential oils can be real allies for healthy and restful sleep.

Effective plants for getting back to sleep are valerian, hawthorn, passionflower, chamomile and verbena. Valerian is recommended in cases of nocturnal awakenings, it maintains the quality of natural sleep throughout the night. Hawthorn and passionflower will be used in case of difficulty falling asleep. Chamomile contributes to optimal relaxation, it helps you find inner calm and maintain healthy and peaceful sleep. Finally, verbena is used to reduce irritability and soothe tension. You can find them in infusions, ideal after a meal to promote a good night's sleep.

The Essential Oils to favor are: Mandarin, Sweet Orange, True Lavender or even Noble Chamomile. Opt for those whose smell you like, you can mix them to diversify the spheres of action. You can also pour 2 to 3 drops of one of these essential oils onto your pillow or the collar of your pajamas.

In diffusion, create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation before bedtime by diffusing essential oils in your bedroom (30 minutes before going to sleep and not during sleep for children). Allow 10 drops of essential oils for a 30-minute session with an ultrasonic diffuser.

Get up at the same time

Catching up on sleep on the weekend is not necessarily a good idea. Indeed, adopting a regular rhythm is the key to good sleep. Getting up every morning at the same time will avoid disrupting your biological clock and will help you fall asleep better.

It will be difficult at first but you will quickly see the effects on your body.

Avoid heavy meals and stimulants

A meal that is too rich or a meal that is too light is not the solution. Indeed, hunger may wake you up or you will not sleep because your body has not finished digesting. So favor carbohydrates and eat 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

Stimulants like caffeine, theine or even energy drinks are a very bad idea, they will prevent you from falling asleep. Opt for an infusion instead.

Practicing a sporting activity

Practicing physical activity 30 minutes before 5 p.m. improves the quality of deep sleep by 65%, which is the most restorative. Be careful not to do it too late because sport can disrupt your sleep. It is recommended to practice it 4 to 8 hours before bedtime so if you have time, preferably do it in the morning.

Prepare an environment conducive to sleep

Avoid screens:

To ban from your sight: screens and in general, all magnetic wave devices half an hour or even an hour before bedtime. Instead of your phone or television, opt for a good book or magazine before bed.

Practice relaxation/breathing exercises:

Once settled in your bed, inhale and exhale very deeply for 5 minutes to completely disconnect! To reinforce the benefits of breathing, do not hesitate to put on some background music.

You can also practice cardiac coherence, meditation, sophrology! It's up to you to find the technique that suits you best.

Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers are a natural solution to get back to sleep

Bach flower n°18 - Impatiens / Impatience

To relax, let go

This flower lives up to its name: impatience. Are you easily irritable, lack patience and have trouble coping with constraints? This flower is for you! It brings relaxation and helps you let go, you will be more peaceful at bedtime.

Bach flower n°20 - Mimulus / Mimule

Confidence and serenity

The Bach Flower Mimulus helps in cases of well-identified and blocking fears: fear of storms, of the dark, of speaking in public, of an accident... which you bear in silence. Mimulus gives you the courage to face confrontation, to overcome your fears. You find courage and serenity.

Bach flower n°22 - Oak

Courage and hope

The Bach Flower Oak helps in the event of overinvestment in the professional or family field... You are combative, you manage things with incredible ardor, without ever giving up. You are invested with an excessive sense of responsibility and do not accept the necessary moments of break. Oak allows you to let go, teaches you to manage your abilities, to channel your energy, and allows you to take breaks.

Bach flower n°25 - Red Chesnut / Red chestnut

The mother hen

Bach Flower Red Chestnut helps if you are excessively concerned about the well-being of others, even if it means forgetting yourself. You are overprotective of those around you, afraid that something might happen to them. Red Chestnut allows you to channel your overprotective affection, to find serenity to take care of those who are dear to you with more composure. And also to get back to sleep with less worry at night.

Bach Flower n°26 - Rock Rose / Helianthema

Promotes calming

This flower will give you strength, courage and calm. It helps with severe anxiety, frightening thoughts, nightmares and acute panic. If you wake up during the night because of a nightmare, feeling distressed, this flower is for you.

Bach flower n°35 - White Chesnut / White chestnut

Clarity of mind and constructive thoughts

This flower helps with persistent thoughts that prevent you from concentrating, loop in your head and prevent you from getting a good night's sleep. It's for you if you keep thinking about the same thing over and over again.



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