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How to overcome your fear?

Comment surmonter sa peur ?

Fear of the dark, fear of flying, fear of an animal or even someone, fear can present itself at different times in our lives. Certain fears can become cumbersome and turn into anxiety or phobia. Find out in this article how to overcome your fear with our advice.

As explained previously in our article on anger, all emotion is temporary. However, it is essential to analyze and understand what led us to feel it in order to experience it better and avoid reproducing this situation.

What is fear?

Fear is one of the primary emotions and manifests itself when the situation escapes us or when we no longer have or think we no longer have control. Fear forces us to seek safety, this emotion invites us to make decisions quickly in order to escape a situation. If it is not heard, other emotions could appear such as anger or sadness. Fear is a warning that is essential to understand and analyze.

However, fear can be positive and stimulating, such as before an exam or an important event. Fear is initially positive. Indeed, it ensured the survival of prehistoric man guided by his reptilian brain. It is an emotional alarm signal that cannot be controlled, it is automatic. Thanks to this, we manage to gather resources to overcome the situation, the ordeal. But this is not the case for everyone, some may feel paralyzed, unable to react to external stimuli. In this case, we will speak of a phobia. One in 10 people have a phobia. If this is your case, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional such as a psychologist. Talking about it can help you move forward.

Fear is also felt in the body: increased heart rate, sweating, dizziness, hot flashes, abdominal discomfort or even a feeling of suffocation. Each person will have a different way of reacting. Indeed, experience, hormones and heredity are factors that influence our reactions.

Accepting and understanding your emotions will allow you to get the best out of them and be able to soothe them.

Where does the feeling of fear come from?

As with anger, identifying the sources of your fear is necessary in order to put in place means to make it disappear or at least reduce it. These sources can be everyday objects or situations. Once identified, it will be easier for you to work on it.

Once you have identified the source of your fear, determine exactly what is scaring you. If you are afraid of flying, identify more precisely what scares you: takeoff, being in a closed space, not having enough space, etc. Your brain will be able to adapt and adjust its responses.

How to overcome your fear?

Get informed

Getting informed can help you control your fear. The more information and knowledge you have about a subject, the less doubts and fears you have. It is also important to prepare well, for example, for an exam or any other event that generates fear. This way, you will be more reassured.

Tame your fear

When your fear is identified and you have informed yourself as much as possible, it is time to tame your fear. If this is still too difficult for you, you can do it virtually. In fact, researchers have developed a “Phobys” application. This application is based on exposure therapy, the patient learns to manage their fear by confronting the subject of their phobia. Phobys was created with the aim of helping people with arachnophobia.

However, you will have to make sure to go little by little and not force yourself, wait until you are ready. The key word is to listen to yourself.

To relax

Learning relaxation techniques can help overcome fear. Several techniques exist such as cardiac coherence, complete breathing that you can practice while doing yoga or even sophrology. While breathing, imagine that your breath passes through your entire body: legs, stomach, chest, shoulders, etc. By using these techniques, your body will relax and your mind too.

Positive visualization is also very effective since fear takes place in our mind in the form of thoughts. In fact, researchers have proven that fear is the emotion least linked to social situations. Positive visualization involves replacing our thoughts with positive images that make us feel good. To do this, close your eyes and simply imagine.

You can also walk to relax. Focus on the feeling of your feet touching the ground, on the rhythm of your body. This way you can control your environment and refocus.

Accept your fear

Everyone has their own fears that they are trying to overcome, so try to free yourself from feeling guilty about yours. Fear often goes hand in hand with shame. Indeed, when we are afraid, we can feel ridiculous and this will generate guilt. This guilt will prevent us from taking action. The body will also feel it, an inner tension will be created and all your energy will be absorbed.

No one is perfect, allow yourself to be afraid and accept yourself as you are!

Balancing your emotions with Bach Flowers

Several natural solutions exist to soothe anger, including Bach Flowers. Discovered in the 1930s by an English homeopath, Doctor Bach, these flowers have a higher vibrational state than other plants to respond favorably to difficult emotions.

Bach Flower No. 20 Mimulus / Mimule

The Bach Flower Mimulus or Mimule is one of the first to have been discovered by Doctor Bach. This yellow flower, the color of the solar plexus, grows at the edge of water. Very fragile, this flower always manages to straighten itself and raise its head to emerge from the water. This is why we associate it with fear and even very specific and blocking fears such as: planes, spiders, storms, the dark, etc. These are often fears that we do not talk to others about. , which we endure in silence. The fears of young and old alike can then be overcome and faced. With Mimulus, you find courage and master your fears.


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