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The 10 Bach Flowers for animals

Les 10 Fleurs de Bach pour animaux

Like humans, animals also feel emotions. If you have a pet, you have already noticed it easily: anger, jealousy, sadness but also joy. Animals feel positive and negative emotions and they sometimes have difficulty experiencing them, just like us. Bach Flowers can be real allies and are very effective, find out how in this article.

For several years, alternative medicines and therapies have come back into fashion. More and more people want to take care of themselves naturally and this also applies to our four-legged companions!

Bach Flowers: what are they?

Bach Flower Remedies were developed in the 1930s by Doctor Edward Bach. He recognized flowers in nature that respond favorably to difficult emotions. He selected 38 flowers which have a higher vibrational state than other plants or flowers that men usually use to heal their bodies. For him, the causes of illnesses often lie in conflicts between the soul and the mind. Through these flowers, he therefore seeks to harmonize these conflicts and restore balance.

It is the medicine of the soul, it does not relieve but it heals. Emotions play a big role in our health, both physical and mental.

Why use Bach Flowers?

As explained previously, animals feel emotions just like us. They also go through different stages in their lives and they sometimes need comfort, support and help. Animals feel stress, anxiety and their behavior can change, sometimes they become aggressive. In these cases, Bach Flowers can provide relief.

Have you just adopted your animal, are you moving or have you just had a child? All of these situations can impact your pet. This is why it is important to clearly identify the emotion, behavior or reactions of your animals in order to best choose the appropriate Bach Flower. However, if you cannot do this, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian or a behaviorist.

How to use them?

2 to 4 drops morning and evening directly on the tongue, lips or pads. You can also add 4 drops to the daily water ration.

The Flower is taken for 1 to 4 weeks or whenever necessary. You can also mix several Bach Flowers. In this case you can mix up to 7 flowers together.

The 10 Bach Flowers for animals

All Bach Flowers can be used for animals. We have selected several based on everyday situations. Bach Flowers can bring security, calming, joy, confidence and will help in emergencies. Here they are :

Fear - Apprehension: Bach Flower n°2 - Aspen or Bach Flower n°20 - Mimulus

Bach Flower Aspen helps in cases of apprehension, without knowing how to really explain its nature or when you are overwhelmed by a feeling of worry. For example, when your pet is scared or afraid and he doesn't really know why, you can turn to this Bach Flower.

Unlike Bach Flower Aspen, Mimulus helps in cases of well-identified and blocking fears or phobias: fear of storms, appointments with the veterinarian, grooming, etc. It is therefore the ideal flower if your animal is afraid of something very specific and you are looking to help them. The Mimulus will give him the courage to face the confrontation, to overcome his fears.

Constraint - Irritation: Bach Flower n°6 - Cherry Plum

This Bach Flower will bring confidence and serenity to your animal. He will be able to regain calm and self-control. If your pet scratches constantly as soon as a constraint or irritation appears, this Bach Flower can help him.

Lack of interest: Bach Flower n°9 - Clematis

This Bach Flower helps when you lack realism and interest in the present. It allows you to find an anchor in reality. Clematis is suitable when your pet is sad, no longer plays, no longer sleeps much and lacks interest.

Anxiety: Bach Flower No. 19 - Larch

Bach Flower Larch helps with lack of confidence, fear of failure, feelings of inferiority. This Flower is particularly suitable for an animal that has just arrived in a new home and is having difficulty integrating.

Lack of confidence: Bach Flower n°26 - Pink rock

Pink rose Bach Rock Flower helps with severe anxiety, frightening thoughts, nightmares, acute panic, etc. It brings calm, composure and a better ability to manage difficult situations. The pink Rock is perfectly suited for extreme fears. An animal that has been mistreated may have panic fear, an animal that is afraid of crowds, etc. This flower will undoubtedly be suitable for this situation.

Anger - Jealousy: Bach Flower n°15 - Holly

It develops open-mindedness, generosity, tolerance and forgiveness. Bach Flower Holly helps with irrepressible jealousy, anger and hatred. This Flower will be very useful if your pet is jealous since the arrival of another animal or even a baby. He risks feeling excluded, of thinking that he is no longer taken care of enough, which is why this flower will reassure him.

Lack of patience: Bach Flower n°18 - Impatiens

Impatiens strengthens tolerance, indulgence and understanding towards others. It helps in case of difficulty in supporting constraints, in case of lack of patience. For example, an animal that is full of energy, a dog that pulls on its leash, etc.

Emotional shock: Bach Flower n°29 - Star of Bethlehem

This Bach Flower brings courage and hope after an emotional or physical shock, a state of stress in the face of grief, bad news. The Star of Bethlehem is truly suited to freeing you from the grip of emotional shock and finding relief, consolation, peace and peace of mind. If your animal has suffered trauma, an accident, general anesthesia or the loss of a life companion, choose this Bach Flower.

Adaptation difficulties: Bach Flower No. 33 - Walnut

Bach Flower Walnut/Walnut helps in cases of hypersensitivity to disturbing situations, difficulty adapting to changes and renewal. The Walnut is ideal for an animal that must be left with friends, in a foster home or that cannot be cared for.

These different Bach Flowers can be mixed in order to concentrate several emotions/feelings and create a complex adapted to your animal's situation. We advise you to mix up to 7 Bach Flowers. Thanks to all of these valuable tips, you are better equipped to help your pet experience their emotions.


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