Renowned for their therapeutic properties, used for millennia and now scientifically recognised, essential oils are powerful natural active ingredients, acquired from aromatic plants.

Essential Oils

Highly concentrated, essential oils demand a high level of quality. In order to guarantee their authenticity, Biofloral essential oils are 100% pure, natural and chemotyped. From organic agriculture, and in some cases even DEMETER agriculture, the plants are harvested at maturity in order to extract and retain all of the beneficial qualities of the essential oil.

They are made with a great deal of care, in accordance with ancient distilling and extraction methods, which thus enables retention of all of their virtues and guarantees their quality, which is in turn conducive to your well-being.

Essential oils, can be consumed or applied topically, or used in a diffuser, depending on the desired outcome and the essential oils used.

Aromatherapy - Essential oil
Aromatherapy - Essential oil pearls

Essential oil pearls 

Thanks to a unique, Ecocert-certified process, we manufacture our essential oil pearls using traditional methods, with 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oils from organic agriculture.

Impregnated into the organic pearls by means of a unique process, the Essential Oil Pearls are easy to take and to dose out:

  • Precise dosage: 6 pearls = 1 drop of essential oil
  • In granule form, safer for children and suitable for therapeutic prescriptions
  • Can be kept close to hand in all situations