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Les 10 Fleurs de Bach pour animaux

The 10 Bach Flowers for animals

Like humans, animals also feel emotions. If you have a pet, you have already noticed it easily: anger, jealousy, sadness but also joy. Bach Flowers can be real allies and are very effective.

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Retrouver le sommeil grâce aux Fleurs de Bach

Getting back to sleep with Bach Flowers

Sleep represents a third of our lives. It is therefore essential to have restful sleep to face everyday life and to feel at your best! Difficulty falling asleep, insomnia or even tiredness when wa...

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Tout savoir sur la théorie des signatures

Everything you need to know about signature theory

Ever heard of the theory that the appearance of plants reveals their use and function? This 16th century theory fascinates many, but what is it really? Myth or reality ? We tell you everything in ...

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Les émotions et les Fleurs de Bach

Emotions and Bach Flowers

Emotions are an integral part of our lives and their management gives rhythm to our daily lives. But what are emotions and why do we seek to control them? What do we mean by emotions? Accordin...

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Traverser le deuil avec les Fleurs de Bach

Getting through grief with Bach Flowers

Death is part of the process of life. In some cultures, it is celebrated, for example in Mexico with the Day of the Dead, called “El dia de los muertos”. However, it remains a difficult ordeal to ...

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