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How to prepare for exams?

As exams approach, certain emotions resurface. Each session has its share of stress, discouragement, sadness and despair, for many students. But how can we help them overcome all this? How can we h...

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How to find joy in the face of seasonal depression?

Do you feel tired or even exhausted with a loss of morale? You could be experiencing winter blues, winter blues or even seasonal depression. Rest assured, this only lasts a short time and natural s...

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Comment retrouver l'espoir ?

How to find hope again?

Despair is a loss of hope. Often, it appears in a context of refusal, loss of confidence, discouragement. If we let it take hold without trying to push it away, it can lead to depression or melanch...

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Une émotion = une fleur

Découvrez nos 38 fleurs et leurs bienfaits à travers un article dédié

Comment faire face au stress avec les Fleurs de Bach ?

How to deal with stress with Bach Flowers?

Stress is part of our daily lives, no one escapes it. It can even have positive effects such as surpassing oneself. However, if it becomes too present and intense, it can harm our physical and ment...

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Apprendre à être patient avec les Fleurs de Bach

Learn to be patient with Bach Flowers

As the saying goes: “Patience is the mother of all virtues”. It would be considered essential to achieving wisdom. However, certain situations make us particularly impatient, such as waiting in a w...

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Réussir à s'accepter

Succeed in accepting yourself

The path to self-acceptance can be difficult, strewn with pitfalls, especially in a society where “beautiful” is often highlighted and even more so with social networks. We can easily get lost, fee...

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Comprendre et apaiser sa colère

Understanding and calming your anger

Everyone has felt angry at least once, whether towards someone or a situation. This feeling is often difficult to control but ultimately what is its role? Before understanding what anger is, it i...

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Comment surmonter sa peur ?

How to overcome your fear?

Fear of the dark, fear of flying, fear of an animal or even someone, fear can present itself at different times in our lives. Certain fears can become cumbersome and turn into anxiety or phobia. Fi...

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Comment vaincre sa jalousie ?

How to overcome jealousy?

As the saying goes: “jealousy is a bad fault”. It often reflects a lack of self-confidence and as a result, it can weaken relationships. However, there are several solutions to combat it and feel ...

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Les émotions et les Fleurs de Bach

Emotions and Bach Flowers

Emotions are an integral part of our lives and their management gives rhythm to our daily lives. But what are emotions and why do we seek to control them? What do we mean by emotions? Accordin...

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Traverser une rupture avec les Fleurs de Bach

Getting through a breakup with Bach Flowers

Regardless of its nature, a breakup is always a difficult time to go through. However, it can be synonymous with a new beginning and accepting lessons learned.

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Avez-vous déjà entendu parler de l'hypersensibilité ?

Have you ever heard of hypersensitivity?

The term hypersensitive is used to describe a person who has greater than average sensitivity. This can be recognized, for example, by more intense reactions to sensory stimuli (e.g. music, light, ...

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Comment adopter la Zen attitude ?

How to adopt the Zen attitude?

We can all feel stress, caused by our daily lives or certain events impacting our lives. Discover what a Zen attitude is and how to adopt it on a daily basis through the practice of mindfulness, me...

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